Wednesday, 23 March 2011

White Beauty (Snow)

As I look out the window this late afternoon of a cold winter weather, the snow is blazing its fury outside. Its delightful beauty  lifts up my spirit and amazes me at the wonders that nature can bring. I can see the white flurries dancing in the sky as it slowly falls to the earth.  I slowly stepped out on the snow covered porch and start to wonder how many melodious songs were inspired by sad days during snowy winter storms.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Wonderer

Have anyone had this feeling for what it's like for time to stop. Anyone would tell another person's opinion is wrong or right but we all know time cannot be controlled by anyone. As for guessing to how long does one minute takes up to one year you really can't feel the difference, because for me I can still remember the ice cream that I accidentally spilled on the floor five years ago like it was just yesterday, don't know why but I remember the ice cream was mocha and has nuts on it my mom got mad and spank me on the bottoms afterward, its really a strange feeling to how the time work one minute your asleep on a cruise ship the next you just noticed your plane is crashing and you ending up surviving the event. Like on today as I write this blog it felt like one year have passed but to fact that its just one minute is a mystery, or one month just passed but I feel like its been an eternity since the last time I checked the clock. If does anyone does know how to control time it will be a decade before that would even be possible; for all we know this thing we call "time" might just become a part of history, and people might actually go back and reset the JFK assassination.or even reset and ignite the Axis German invasion in Europe and change how it ended. Yes if you do think deeper. This thing we call time can become a friend and at the same time our enemy and the greatest fear in our lifetime.